Aspen leads the generic ARVs market
Aspen has played a critical role in delivering affordable ARV treatment to the African continent which has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS.


Aspen made international headlines in August 2003 when it launched Aspen Stavudine – the first generic ARV drug developed and manufactured in Africa. The ARV portfolio has received significant attention with Aspen’s ongoing commitment to assisting in finding a meaningful solution in the fight against HIV/Aids.

In December 2011 Aspen was successful in the first-to-market generic launch of Tribuss – a once-a-day fixed-dose triple combination ARV. This product remains one of Aspen’s leading brands.

Aspen was successfully awarded a number of key products in the South African National Treasure Department’s ARV tender in December 2014, including 25% of the Fixed Dose Combination containing Tenofovir, Emtracitibine and Efavirenz, which will be used to treat upwards of 80% of 1st line adult treatment. The tender is effective for a period of three years, and commenced 1 April 2015.

Aspen secured R2,7 billion or approximately 20% of the awarded tender value based upon expected future demand as published in the invitation to tender. The tender value is estimated to be approximately R14 billion over 3 years. The South African ARV Tender is the largest of its kind in the world. Aspen has been a leading supplier to this tender since inception of the programme, providing a consistent and reliable supply of high quality ARV products to the State.

Today Aspen is regarded as one of the leading global players in generic ARVs. The Group’s credibility has been earned through its numerous world first achievements in the field of ARVs namely:

  • Aspen was the world’s first pharmaceutical company to pioneer the manufacture and development of generic ARVs in Africa.
  • Aspen was the world’s first generics producer to receive US FDA tentative approval for the manufacture of selected generic ARVs containing Lamivudine/Zidovudine and Nevirapine for the treatment of HIV/Aids at its Oral Solid Dose Facility in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
  • Aspen was the world’s first pharmaceutical manufacturer to be granted voluntary generic ARV licenses from leading multinationals.
  • The Clinton Foundation chose Aspen as the first southern hemisphere company to manufacture generic ARVs for their program.
  • To date, Aspen has played a leading role in confronting the severity of the HIV/Aids pandemic. Aspen is the leading provider of ARVs to the private and public sectors and supports key HIV funders’ programmes in supplying low-cost, high quality ARV medicines to Africa.
  • Aspen’s ARVs presently support more than 900 000 patients in South Africa.