Aspen Pharmacare

Aspen in South Africa comprises two business units. These are the Sales and Marketing division and the Operations division. Aspen Pharmacare and Aspen Nutritionals fall within the Sales and Marketing division

Sales and Marketing division
The South African business provides a diverse basket of high quality, affordable medicines and products which are supplied to pharmacies, retail pharmacy chains, hospitals, clinics, prescribing specialists, dispensing general practitioners, managed healthcare funders and retail stores across the private and public sectors. Active pharmaceutical ingredients are sold into South Africa and to export territories globally.

Aspen’s range of branded, generic, OTC, consumer health and infant nutritional products offers the convenience of a “one-stop-shop” service to its broad base of customers.

Pharmaceutical division
This division incorporates branded, generic and OTC products.
As at 30 June 2014 IMS ranked Aspen as the number one pharmaceutical company in the South African private sector with a 15,8% share and valued this sector at R29,9 billion.

The Impact Rx data for the above period confirmed that one in every four scripts dispensed by South African pharmacists if for an Aspen product.

Aspen’s leading prescription brands include Altosec, Aspen Meropenem, Avamys, Augmentin, Foxair, Mybulen, Pharmapress, Stilpane, Tribuss and Wellburtin with leading OTC brands comprising Bronkese, Hyospasmol, Ibumol, Sinuclear and Somnil.

Consumer division
The Consumer division comprises an extensive range of products categorised in the self-medication and infant nutritional sectors of the market.

The largest range of products are the infant nutritional formulations. Aspen Nutritionals, a division of the Aspen Group, supplies parents and Healthcare Professionals with high quality, affordable nutritional products that are scientifically manufactured in compliance with the highest international standards.

The infant nutritional business acquired from Nestlé in 2014 has been successfully integrated into Aspen. Through this transaction, Aspen’s product offering was expanded by three ranges which include S-26 Gold, S-26 Standard and a speciality range. Leading nutritional brands include Infacare and S-26.

The 160-year old heritage Lennon Dutch Medicines range is also a strong brand which has more than 35 line items and remains a proven favourite for the treatment of minor ailments.

Leading brands in the Consumer division include Lennon Dutch Medicines, Flusin, Rinex and Orochlor.

Unsurpassed generic leadership
Aspen’s Lennon business pioneered the research and development of generic medicines in South Africa many decades ago. Today, generic pharmaceutical leadership and the Aspen brand are intrinsically interwoven. Aspen remains the largest producer of generic medicines in the southern hemisphere, a position which it has been held for nearly a decade. In June 2014, EvaluatePharma World Preview ranked Aspen as the 5th larges generic company in the world and IMS valued the generic sector of the South African market R8,2 billion.

A remedy for every ailment
Aspen’s product ranges cover a number of therapeutic categories. These include inter alia anaesthetics, analgesics, ARVs, blood and haemopoetic, cardio vascular system, central nervous system ear, nose and throat, endocrine system, gastro-intestinal tract, infant milk formulations, musculo-skeletal agents, NS aids, oncology, oral hygiene, respiratory system and urinary tract system.

Aspen leads the generic ARVs market
Aspen played a critical role in bringing affordable ARV treatment to the African continent which has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Aspen was the first company to launch a generic ARV in Africa in 2003 and has been at the forefront of providing access to generic ARVs across the continent.

In December 2011 Aspen was successful in the first-to-market launch of Tribuss – a generic of Atripla – a once-a-day fixed-dose triple combination ARV. This product remains one of Aspen’s leading brands.

Aspen was successfully awarded a number of key products in the South African National Treasure Department’s ARV tender in December 2014, including 25% of the Fixed Dose Combination containing Tenofovir, Emtracitibine and Efavirenz, which will be used to treat upwards of 80% of 1st line adult treatment. The tender is effective for a period of three years, and commenced 1 April 2015.

Aspen secured R2,7 billion or approximately 20% of the awarded tender value based upon expected future demand as published in the invitation to tender. The tender value is estimated to be approximately R14 billion over 3 years. The South African ARV Tender is the largest of its kind in the world. Aspen has been a leading supplier to this tender since inception of the programme, providing a consistent and reliable supply of high quality ARV products to the State.

Aspen’s basket of injectables
Aspen has a vast range of high quality, cost effective injectable anti-infectives which continue to dominate the market.  Aspen’s combination of ethical and generic anti-infectives ranges includes 1st generation cephalosporins, 2nd generation cephalosporins and 3rd generation cephalosporins. In addition to the cephalosporins, the portfolio also includes carbapenems, penicillins, antifungals and a variety of other antimicrobials.