2016 Interviews & News Clips

2016 Interviews & News Clips


  • BusinessDay TV - The week that was - 10 June 2016 - Join Simon Brown, Giulietta Talevi and Sasfin Securities' David Shapiro as they discuss Aspen’s R7 billion deal with AstraZeneca

  • Aspen, AstraZeneca ink R7BN deal - Aspen CEO Stephen Saad speaks to Alishia Seckam and Stephen Gunnion about the group’s R7 billion deal with AstraZeneca that will add seven established medicines in 100 countries to the group’s portfolio;

  • CNBC Captains of Industry 15 March 2016 - Stephen Saad speaks to CNBC Africa’s Executive Director Bronwyn Nielsen on the challenges of doing business in the pharmaceutical industry, succession planning, diversification and expansion

  • Stavros Nicolau interviewed for CNN's Marketplace Africa.

Aspen interim results interviews for the six months ended 31 December 2015


  • BusinessDay TV - Aspen posts 14% rise in H1 profit
    Stephen Saad, CEO of Aspen, speaks to Alishia Seckam about first-half results, which show a 14% rise in normalised HEPS

  • Fine Business Radio presenter, Lindsay Williams chats to Stephen Saad about Aspen’s interim results

  • CNBC Africa - Talking Stocks: 18 February 2016
    CNBC Africa's Gugulethu Cele talks to Sean Ashton and Liam Hechter from Anchor Capital talk about Aspen with Liam and Sean both rating Aspen as a Buy