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Aspen Standard Conditions Of Purchase Of Goods (66 KiB)

The Aspen Group is committed to ethical, honest business practices.
Report unethical business conduct through Aspen’s anonymous Tip-Offs Service.
For more information:

Tip-offs Anonymous Hotline

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Aspen endeavours to promote a culture of openness and transparency throughout the Group. Employees and other stakeholders are encouraged to report unethical conduct and any transgressions of which they become aware.

An independently monitored whistle-blowing hotline, Deloitte’s Tip-offs Anonymous, has been rolled out to employees across the Group’s businesses, whereby employees can report suspected fraud and/or activities which are considered to be transgressions of the Group’s Code of Conduct. Tip-offs training and awareness sessions are conducted periodically to promote utilisation of the facility where necessary.

The Tip-offs service has also been extended globally to customers and suppliers of Aspen’s businesses.

All logged calls are timeously reported to Aspen’s Group Ethics Committee for consideration. Where wrongdoing, unlawful conduct or a breach of Aspen’s policies or procedures is identified, corrective action is implemented in all instances to improve controls and to prevent recurrence of the incident.

The PDFs below provide additional information required to raise any concerns about unethical behaviour at Aspen.

Aspen Tip-offs letter to suppliers 2015 (78.6 KiB)

Aspen Tip-offs overview (665.4 KiB)

Or click here to be redirected to the Deloitte Tip-offs website.

Aspen PAIA Manual - Updated March 2014 (0.2 MiB)