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Aspen is in a closed period from 1 January 2017 until the release of its interim financial results scheduled for 9 March 2017. In accordance with market best practise, during this time the company does not engage with analysts, shareholders and the general investment community regarding the Group’s performance or prospects.


Aspen Group Unaudited Year End Results for the period ended 30 June 2016

Aspen 2016 Year End Results Presentation (1.5 MiB)

Aspen Unaudited Year End Results Short Form Announcement (0.2 MiB)

Aspen Unaudited Year End Results Commentary (SENS) (0.1 MiB)

Ten Year Review For The Year Ended 30 June 2016 (97 KiB)


Aspen Unaudited Results for the 12 months ended 30 June 2015

Aspen Group Year End Results Presentation (1.4 MiB)

Aspen Unaudited Results Short Form Announcement (0.1 MiB)

Aspen Unaudited Year-End Results Announcement (87 KiB)

Notice To Aspen Security Holders (0.2 MiB)

JSE Guidance Letter - Analysts & Media October 2015 (0.4 MiB)

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Aspen is committed to transparent, timely and accurate communication with all stakeholders. Company announcements are released on SENS in accordance with JSE Listing Requirements. Financial results announcements are also published in the business press and annual reports are sent to shareholders. The website facilitates the dissemination of current and historical financial information. Aspen’s policy is to meet regularly with major institutional shareholders and investment analysts. Presentations are made to the investment community after the release of the company’s interim and year-end results. Where permissible the appropriate directors and/or senior executives also engage with the financial press to facilitate effective communication.